Support REAL Artists & Designers

**Update on 1-4-13: The copied artwork that I refer to below has since been removed from Etsy after I contacted the shop owner.**

It has happened. I tried to share my artwork and it’s message and in the meantime someone has been selling it for 40 bucks a pop over on Etsy. I do give them some credit though, they changed the font. So good job, guys. That really made it better because according to your Etsy profile, you have apparently taken “a few graphic design classes” so that clearly makes you certified to sell my artwork.

On the left is my original artwork that I created as my final project for a Family Foundations class at BYU-Idaho in December, 2010 (THIS is the original blog post where I shared the project). On the right is the phony, the fake, the copy, the wanna-be.


Notice how they’ve conveniently cut off the part that says “Designed by Crystal Burnham” on the bottom right.

I know some of you are thinking “Well what do you expect?” and I’ve been asking myself the same thing. I feel the same as I did in Elementary school when a kid got credit for something that I actually did and blurted out “Nuh-uh!!” There is no way that I can have online exposure without this kind of thing, but I wonder what’s the point of writing this blog and sharing my work when dishonest people will steal my designs and call them their own?

What’s even more frustrating is that I see other pieces in their Etsy shop that are exact replicas, or near exact with some tiny changes, of other artists’ work. They aren’t even trying to make it their own. Comment on this post if you support REAL graphic designers and artists.


2 thoughts on “Support REAL Artists & Designers

  1. Sorry to hear this happened! And so blatantly unabashed:( While Etsy’s policies should penalize the people selling your stuff, the letter required to file a complaint is a bit of a pain. However, it is one way to achieve your due justice. As the artist, you can prove the date of its creation and you own the copyright as the original artist. No one can take that away:) You could always write a rip-off report on them too and put a damper on their business that way;)

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