Family DVD Cover Evolution

My eldest brother is a pro at video production and, along with all his professional projects, has put together a family video for all of us each year for maybe the last 10 years. We’re all so spread apart (I have five other siblings and none of us live in the same state) that it’s a great joy to get these videos in the mail once a year to see what the rest of the family has been up to.

For the past four years I have designed the DVD covers for these family videos. It’s interesting to see how the covers have evolved, not only as our family has changed with ‘cutbacks’ and additions, but also as my design experience has changed.

So here we go! (Note: these covers are shown as if the cases are open and lying down flat)




Here’s another ‘view’ of the 2010 cover, formatted to be one continuous scene:



So whatcha think?

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