Modern Beauty

At this time in life my husband and myself, as well as friends and acquaintances, are starting to make something of ourselves. Now that, for the most part, we have finished our secondary education and that turbulent part of young adulthood life–when we don’t know what we’re doing–is over, life is beginning! I see friends starting families and others maintaining popular blogs about their passions. One has started their own clothing line (JunieBlake) and another professionally raises and breeds beautiful dogs (Lazy D Ranch). It’s a great time of life to do something that matters.

That’s why I’m excited to promote the new business of my dear friend Stephanie. Not only has she started a family with her husband, but she is now the owner of Modern Beauty! She’s a traveling hairstylist and make-up artist servicing areas of Northern Virginia. Her business is all about helping women embrace their individual beauty. I’ve had the privilege of creating and designing the look for this unique business.

Great job, Stephanie! So glad to be a part of this.


So whatcha think?

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