What happens in Vegas … ends up on my blog.

After thoroughly washing our wardrobe to rid the stench of cigarette smoke, and realizing that people do sleep at night, we’re back from Vegas! As a wedding gift my parents gave my husband and me a week of their timeshare to use anywhere. The decision was down to New York, NY and Las Vegas which we ultimately solved by drawing pieces of paper. Vegas it was!

Here I have created a video of our Vegas adventures. You can watch the video and look at the photographs, OR, depending on your time you can view one or the other (but both are worth it 🙂 ).

Las Vegas from Crystal Burnham on Vimeo.

Driving down the strip on Saturday evening took nearly an hour! By the time were able to park the car it was after 10 pm and we still hadn’t eaten. We decided to eat at Planet Hollywood (since I had seen the sign while we were driving by) which took us about another hour to find! It was about midnight when I finally got to satisfy my angry stomach. I was so happy to see their sign that I had to take a picture of it:

Monday, May 2nd, Kayaking down Colorado River, Black Canyon:

What a fun experience! Besides the tour guides, my husband and I were the only Americans. We kayaked with three Britons and two French Canadians.

We stopped at lots of hot springs along the way. This one was a sauna! At first I couldn’t see anything and thought I just had a crappy flashlight, then I realized I still had my sunglasses on which were completely fogged over. Der!

Apparently there’s an amoeba in the water that gets you really sick only if it gets up your nose. Ew!

Lunch time! The moocher ducks joined us. Even while we were paddling on the river they landed by us expecting handouts.

Emeril Cave:

All done! My arms were cramping so badly (hey, I’m not a body builder) that immediately upon returning to our resort I took three Advil and soaked in the jacuzzi. Ah, vacation.

Monday night dinner @ Dos Caminos in The Venetian:

It’s said that “Money doesn’t buy happiness” but my favorite things that we did in Vegas were the things that we spent the most money on! Those being the kayak trip and a Tuesday evening performance of Cirque du Soleil’s “KA”. Amazing!!

Off the strip is the “Freemont Street Experience” with an LED canopy the length of five football fields. This is a place to find many street performers and impersonators (the Michael Jackson looked scary!).

Wednesday we stopped at the ‘home’ of History channel’s “Pawn Stars” television show:

In return for attending a two hour Timeshare meeting, we got FREE tickets! Our package included a Gondola ride, entrance to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, and dinner, all at The Venetian.

Elvis sang to me:

We spent the last evening of our vacation up in the Stratosphere:

We had a great time! Will we go back? Probably, but only if we see another Cirque du Soleil show!


9 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas … ends up on my blog.

  1. What a wonderful gift, I can see
    from your photographs that you had
    a most wondrously excellent time

    I hope that one day you do return
    there as there is nothing quite as
    delightful as retreading those new
    and deliciously wicked moments…

    Be well you two, I can see the
    love that you share and that is
    truly wicked my young friend…


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