Lookie what I did! Jewelry Organizer

In between my recent designs I’ve been doing some hands-on projects. Every once in a while I get itchy to create something and the best way to satisfy this is to find a need and fill it. So what did I do? I created a jewelry organizer for my necklaces! They had been sitting in a tangled lump of chains and beads since we moved into the new apartment and something needed to be done.


Now how did this beautiful work of art come to be?

I had on hand a small cork board that I haven’t used in nearly two years and decided to make something out of it. I walked over to Hancock Fabrics and found this nice fabric swatch (I also bought a solid fabric swatch so that I can switch it out when I get tired of the colors). By the time I got home I realized I had forgotten to look for something to hang the jewelry on so I improvised. I took some long straight pins that I had and picked out colors that matched.

It was very dangerous, as you can imagine, having these long pins stick out the back so I clipped them with wire cutters and used hot glue to stabilize them (and to cover the jagged end).

Hot glue fixes everything!

For the back I took some pretty purple ribbon leftover from the wedding and fudged it by stapling it to the back (“No one will see the back” is my mantra).


No more tangled mess for me!

On another note …

What do you get when you cross a Barbie doll with a carrot?


(My husband found this in our big bag of carrots from Smith’s grocery store)


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